cost effective, efficient, high quality business process Services

Brillient’s BPM practice provides outsourced business process services to clients. Our BPM employees help agency clients in the execution of mission operations with a focus on speed, quality, handling fluctuations in work volumes and efficient operations. Brillient applies numerous Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques to deliver better than world class quality. We make our clients’ workflows and processes more effective, efficient and capable of adapting to complex and ever-changing environments.

Case Study | Brillient provides Professional and Technical support services across all centers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) assisting with: Digital transformation, strategic and organizational planning, data analysis, strategic communications, project management, subject matter expertise, and protecting the nation’s food and drug supply. 

Records Managment

Executing the full lifecycle of Records Management processes

Business Process Reengineering

Business Processes designed and Reengineered for Efficient Outcomes

Property & Asset Management

Ensuring Compliance, Efficiency and Reduced Costs with federal property and asset management

IT & Technical Support

Skilled People, Demonstrated Expertise, Leading Technology, and Proven Processes

We help our clients achieve better efficiencies and lower costs in their digital government and IT modernization initiatives.

Achieve More With Less in Strategic Alignment With the Mission & Objectives

"You and your team members always do an outstanding job! However, your performance in the last several weeks with the IVR down, limited resources and the increased call volume has been exceptional. I want you to know that Center Management appreciates all of your hard work and your immense contribution to the efficient and smooth running of this center. Your team is invaluable, and we truly appreciate you."
Center Director
US Small Business Administration