The Brillient Story

Brillient Corporation started operations in 2006 in a small closet sized “office” in our founder Sukumar Iyer’s home. Driven by the entrepreneurial urge, he had just given up a promising career at a global consulting firm to pursue his dream to build an extraordinary business. This desire is reflected in our name. As Sukumar often says, “we hire brilliant people and then get out of their way so they can show their brilliance. Together, we are a mosaic of extraordinary people who can do amazing things and exceed our client’s expectations.” 

A key part of our story is our focus on two of our main stakeholders – our clients and our employees. We define success, and growth, as having not just happy clients but delighted clients and delighted employees who derive personal as well as career fulfillment from their jobs. 

We are proud of the spectrum of diversity across our workforce. Our employees come from across the world, with different cultures, racial/ethnic backgrounds, languages, and cuisines (often reflected in our potluck lunches), symbolizing all that is best about America.  

A key element of Brillient’s culture is innovation. We define innovation as going beyond the status quo, questioning why things are done a certain way, and looking for incremental and exponential improvements. Innovation goes hand in hand with taking risks, and, sometimes, failure, which is encouraged as a necessary step along the way to success.  

Our story is well on its way, with stupendous growth over the last 6 years, and the best yet to come. If you are up to a challenge, willing to roll up your sleeves and be part of a dynamic, fast paced and fun team, we welcome you to become a part of our story. 

Our Name

Our logo symbolizes a radiant brilliance, green as a positive color exemplifying our focus on being an environmentally conscious company and all lower case letters to show humility and the urge to learn. What about the spelling? The domain names for brilliant spelled correctly were not available when we were founded. In those days, companies ending in ent (for enterprise) were popular, so Brillient we became. 

Brillient logo
ROSS team photo

Brillient's Mission

Our mission is to protect, serve and care for the American people.

We have a history of providing creative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking to solve real-world problems in the areas of:

  • Compliance
  • Waste, fraud and abuse
  • Big data analytics
  • Mobile apps
  • Business process reengineering and automating manual processes
  • Manual process automation

We are committed to outstanding quality, delivered on time and under cost as evidenced by the fact that Brillient is one of less than 25 small businesses with CMMI Level 3 certification for both development and services. 

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Brillient's Expanding Footprint

Brillient currently has employees at multiple locations across the country from coast to coast spanning all 4 CONUS time zones and we are always looking to add brilliant people to our team. When the sun is shining on America, it is shining on a Brillient employee.

Employee Map- September

Our Clients

In addition, Brillient has experience working with many commercial clients including Verizon, Bank of America, WebMD, Discovery Channel, XM Radio and Accretive Health.

In Our Clients' Words

“Brillient Corporation delivered flexibility and extraordinary responsiveness resulting in high client satisfaction. The staff augmentation greatly impacted the agency’s ability to support loan program. Additionally, Brillient Corporation worked hand in hand with the COTR to ensure that funding was used properly and also properly managed throughout the course of the contract.”
SBA Graphic
COTR and Project Manager
US Small Business Administration
“I commend the Brillient team on how easy you are to work with, both with government staff as well as other contractors”
IRS logo
IRS Project Manager
Internal Revenue Service
"You and your team members always do an outstanding job! However, your performance in the last several weeks with the IVR down, limited resources and the increased call volume has been exceptional. I want you to know that Center Management appreciates all of your hard work and your immense contribution to the efficient and smooth running of this center. Your team is invaluable, and we truly appreciate you."
SBA Graphic
Center Director
US Small Business Administration
“I greatly appreciate how honest your team is in providing feedback even when they disagree and doing so politely”
IRS logo
IRS Program Executive
Internal Revenue Service
“Your personnel staff provided excellent/Brillient client service support at all levels. They were always considered reliable and wanting to provide topnotch reports, inventories, assistance visits, and analysis. All members of your crew always made a point to fully and clearly understand what was being requested. I appreciate the services you provided and wish you and the entire Brillient staff the very best.”
Department of Justice Logo
COTR and Project Manager
US Department of Justice
“Delivery of services within or ahead of scheduled time frames, often under time constraints. Ability to adapt to rapidly changing business needs in a diverse and dynamic workload environment.”
IRS logo
IRS Executive Manager
Internal Revenue Service