A full spectrum Digital transformation company

Brillient is an award-winning Full Spectrum Digital Transformation company focused on helping agencies in the continuum of analog, to digital, to analytics, leading to insight-driven decision making and mission execution.

We Offer a Proven, Repeatable, Solution

Full Spectrum Digital Transformation

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We use a holistic approach to improve user acceptance, facilitate adoption, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and enable friction-free interaction with citizens and business.

Enabling the President’s Management Agenda:

Brillient is enabling Federal agencies to reach the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) goals by using data as a strategic asset. 

Brillient is bridging Legacy and Digital using our differentiated capabilities. 

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DELIVER™: Model for Fast, Scalable Results

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Brillient has developed a tested 6 step DELIVER™ model for implementing Digital Transformation Solutions.

DELIVER™ (Detect, EvaLuate, Implement, Validate, Execute, Run) is a proven model designed to

  • Reduce execution risk with a step-by-step process
  • Identify, prioritize opportunities and accelerators with the best business case
  • Develop force multipliers to deliver best Return On Mission
  • Measure impact of projects on overall agency goals (macro view)

Full Spectrum Digital Transformation Solution Components


Intelligent data capture– Digitalization of paper to digital
Information Management– Digital / paper records management
Intelligent data analytics– Actionable insights
Automation– RPA, AI
Foundation– Cloud, agile, DevSecOps

Brillient Tools

  • ALICE® (ArtificiaL Intellicence Cognitive Engines)
  • Bots in Seats® | Automating Mundane, Repetitive, & Routine Tasks
  • BRAINS® (Brillient Records Analytics and INformation System)
  • CONEE® (CONtinuous Enrichment Engine)
  • CROVD® (CROwd Validation of Data)
  • DIAMONDS® (DIgital AutoMation ON Demand as a Service)
  • DRIMS™ (Digital Records and Information Management System)
  • HARMONIC® (Holistic Auditing Run MONitoring and Integrity Control)
  • Metadata Automator® Dramatically Increasing Efficiency Through Automation
  • METRAK® (MEta TRAcKer)
  • NAIX® (Neural AI eXclusive)
  • RECLIFE® (Federal RECords Policy LIFEcycle Manager)
  • RECON™ (Federal REcords CONtent Manager)
  • REGIS® (Federal REcords ReGIistry Services) 


  • Reduced Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) 
  • Reduced Operating Expense (OPEX)
  • Shift people to high value work
  • Low touch
  • Always ON
  • Better Client Experience (CX)

Intelligent Data Capture

Our suite of digitalization solutions integrate digital and analog source data into analytics-ready repositories.

  • Process vast amounts of information from IT systems, digital silos, and from legacy sources like paper & microfilm
  • ICR, OMR and signature recognition
  • Indexed and searchable
  • Data output to a variety of digital records management or database systems
  • Provides ability to use data as a strategic asset

All or parts of the solution proven at: 

Brillient combines solution tools, process discipline and rigorous quality to deliver optimal outcomes.

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A Full Spectrum Digital Transformation Company

Through our automation solutions, Bots in Seats and DIAMONDS, we are helping agencies to shift people from low value work to high value work, improve mission effectiveness, operate 24/7, and better client experience (CX).

We support our clients’ operational mission success through effective digital enabled business services that are efficient and adaptable. These include records management, operations, administrative support, business support services, property / asset management, and IT & technical support.

We are solutions engineers who specialize in harvesting data and information from disparate sources, enabling data discovery, analysis, data mining and predictive analytics in a nimble and expedient manner.


ArtificiaL Intelligence Cognitive Engines (ALICE®) is Brillient’s suite of intelligent solutions that include intelligent automation, smart analytics, cognitive vision and human interaction.

“Delivery of services within or ahead of scheduled time frames, often under time constraints. Ability to adapt to rapidly changing business needs in a diverse and dynamic workload environment.”
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Our Clients

In addition, Brillient has experience working with many commercial clients including Verizon, Bank of America, WebMD, Discovery Channel, XM Radio and Accretive Health.