Delivering Solutions That Achieve Mission Excellence

Our civilian agencies face a staggering array of challenges that include declining budgets while missions grow and expand, information systems that need to be modernized, the need to serve our citizenry with digital systems, providing information where they need it and when they need it.

An added complexity is the vast amount of data and information our agencies face From tax data to agriculture statistics. There is no shortage of information for civilian agencies to handle. Since the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was passed, the number of requests for information has been staggering, and the pressure to keep data organized and accessible is stronger than ever.

The question becomes, how do civilian agencies manage this information challenge and still do their jobs efficiently.

Brillient helps civilian agencies find long-term, cost effective solutions to today’s data problems and information demands. Our information management, intelligent solutions, and business process management solutions enable our clients to extract insight from information and deliver measurable results and increased performance.

Brillient assists civilian agencies in serving our citizens and delivering mission objectives & outcomes such as:

  • Tax Compliance and enforcement
  • Combating Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Enforcement of laws and regulations
  • Loan Programs
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Records Management, FOIA 
  • Citizen service

US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Brillient supports 2,700+ U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) field offices in achieving their goal of replacing manual paper-based business processes with a full lifecycle, NARA-compliant Digital Records Management System (DRMS).

Through this comprehensive transformation, Brillient:

  • Digitizes paper-based records
  • Builds and implements a secure DRMS middleware solution with APIs to interface with current USDA data stores
  • Provides a solution that is extensible and scalable to read, write, manage and access records from current and future USDA mission systems
  • Manages metadata about the records through the DRMS
  • Trains personnel
  • Supports cultural and business process changes
  • Implements a comprehensive electronic program to manage records from creation to final disposition.

Over the course of this program, Brillient will support digitization of paper records and dramatically improve the accessibility of USDA field data to FPAC, as well as to the Nation’s farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

At the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Brillient is involved in the full IT modernization lifecycle on a large 9 Petabyte data store from ingestion, data engineering, metadata to analytics and data delivery. The team has delivered several innovations that have benefited the IRS with increased metadata availability, cost and labor savings in data extraction, and enhanced analytics capabilities. In addition, Brillient has collaborated with academia to apply next generation methods, such as Social Network Analysis (SNA), to identify fraudulent or non-compliant behavior. We have helped the IRS enhance the value of its data, build better data tools and use data to effectively execute the mission. 

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Brillient also supports the IRS Research, Applied Analytics and Statistics (RAAS) organization by employing an Agile delivery model that supports the development and implementation of flexible, extendable, and adaptable solutions in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and associated  legislative initiatives. Our team extracts, models, and delivers data while also providing findings, insights, and services to RAAS. We apply Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (IOCR) to accurately extract data from business tax credit forms, create a graph database, and perform analytics against other IRS data sources to detect fraud. We also employ robotic process automation (RPA) to optimize the ingest configuration and scanning workflows. In addition, we build project repositories in Gitlab, SharePoint, and Jira to capitalize on those tools’ metrics, work breakdown features, and knowledge storage capabilities. Through these measures we make crucial data available systematically, thereby aiding the IRS in processing forms quickly and providing much needed relief to employers impacted by the pandemic. Our efforts will transcend the current focus on the pandemic and establish advanced, innovative, and transformative, approaches that will improve the IRS’s operations in the years ahead.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Disaster Assistance (ODA) called on Brillient to provide surge support for loan processing and disbursement functions for SBA’s disaster loan program. This work was authorized under a new order valued at up to approximately $125 million total for the base and all option periodsBrillient has added about 500 loan processing professionals providing support to all US States and Territories, 6 days a week.

Department of Energy (DOE)

At the Department of Energy (DOE), using our Bots in Seats™ service, we automated six financial operations, saving 16,480 labor hours per year, and one automation had a return on investment of 19X.

US Department of the Treasury (USDT)

Brillient’s pilot project in support of the US Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS) focused on scanning and extracting data from savings bond images. We performed scanning, OCR, intelligent data capture, indexing and searchable access to 369,000 U.S. savings bond images from 1974 to 1993. Through this comprehensive transformation, Brillient established a controlled process to track receipt of microfilm rolls from the U.S. Treasury. Our platform leverages multiple OCR engines and compares the confidences of each to aid in the extraction of data. The various methods of OCR capture deployed for extraction include: 

  • Multiple OCR engines for advanced machine-print character recognition
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for hand-print character recognition

Our Clients

In addition, Brillient has experience working with many commercial clients including Verizon, Bank of America, WebMD, Discovery Channel, XM Radio and Accretive Health.