Proven Apps & tools to achieve real results

Brillient combines innovation, technology, and efficient processes to deliver outstanding results to our clients. We take pride in our history of understanding our clients’ problems and developing tailored solutions to solve them.

We’ve developed the following apps, solutions, and accelerators for our clients—based on an identified need, tested and refined on client engagements and not driven by a specific contract requirement.

AssetManager is an enterprise asset management tool that works on standard mobile phones and devices, conforming to government and industrial security standards. It replaces a whole set of costly and dedicated hardware scanners, laptops and other hardware, offering a multi-fold return on investment (ROI).

Brillient can automate almost all mundane, repetitive, and routine tasks currently performed by humans using our Robotic Process Automation (RPA)-, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-, and Intelligent Automation (IA)- based software solutions and an implementation service, which we call  Bots in Seats®. Our Bots in Seats® service replicates human actions in performing a process and, as a result, can automate most “hand work” that is repetitive, monotonous, and rules based. This, in turn, frees up people to focus on more complex, value-added tasks.

Bots in Seats® is a service designed to provide the customer the best possible return on investment (ROI). The ROI for using Bots-in-Seats® rather than the classic “Butts-in-Seats” is compelling. Typically, processes that require hundreds of thousands of labor-hours per year can be completed using Bots-in-Seats®  in minutes, with zero-to-minimal human interaction. What is extraordinary is realizing these significant time savings requires a very low-cost investment in RPA. This creates ROIs that are “no brainers”.  

BRAINS® (Brillient Records Analytics and INformation System) is an internally funded, innovative solution from the Brillient Innovation Labs. It is a cloud based, highly scalable (with instances and number of users) solution with a light web front end which is secure. BRAINS® is used to capture work metrics on business process management contracts such as records management, operational support and program support type contracts. The working staff are mapped to CLINs, tasks and work sites as well as the management hierarchy (who reports to what supervisors). Hourly work metrics are captured along with time spent on those tasks.

BRAINS® collates the data and through a separate management interface provides supervisors and project managers with detailed reports and dashboards which allows them to evaluate staff productivity, staff requirement with spikes in work volumes and flex the workforce to move staff to the tasks where labor is required. A separate admin interface facilitates user/role management, adding/deleting CLINs and tasks and various other administrative functions.

BRAINS® also provides full transparency and reports to Government clients on the overall health of the contract and performance. BRAINS® is designed with a generic data model that allows it to be adapted and cloned to any number of new contracts. In the near future, Brillient plans to offer BRAINS® as a COTS product to any company or agency that requires these capabilities.

Brillient’s team of experts has combined their experience with their deep domain knowledge to develop Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions that help guide our clients through BI tool selection.

We take a “bottom-up” approach to scoring vendors on features, capabilities, market presence and financial viability, with weighted scores based on the client’s specific needs. With a simple easy-to-use excel format, the BI Vendor Selection Tool is flexible and efficient for augmenting new vendor information. This tool directly generates positive results for our clients, including time and cost saving benefits.

CONEE® (CONtinuous Enrichment Engine) performs vertical enrichment (extracting more accurate data from records) and horizontal enrichment (enhancing quality of data through combining with one or more of different datasets) to drive incremental quality and insight.

CROVD® (CROwd Validation of Data) is a collaborative web application embedding crowdsourcing capabilities that allows subject matter experts (SMEs) and citizen validators to determine the accuracy of the digitalization results, identify issues, and propose corrections to make the digitalization of data more accurate. 

Data encryption converts data into a jumble of numbers and letters that can only be deciphered if a user possesses the right “key.” Data masking, on the other hand, protects information by creating new data that is realistic and looks like the original, but is completely different. Data masking is valuable for a number of use cases: software testing, obscuring certain information from different levels of employees (e.g. a call center), and protecting user information from hacks or security breaches.

Brillient’s integrated set of data masking tools help you discover, mask and analyze sensitive information.

CX Discover: Significantly faster than manual searching, CX Discover allows users to explore and identify PII/sensitive data.

CX Mask: Allows users to utilize “transformers” to mask data in batch mode or on-demand as well as create masked copies of entire databases.

Data Masking as a Service: Brillient can handle all data discovery, analysis and masking for our clients, removing the need for investments in hardware, software licensing or dedicated resources.

DIAMONDS® (DIgital AutoMation ON Demand as a Service) is a cloud-based managed service delivering automation to increase the efficiency of federal agency operations and citizen services.

DIAMONDS® increases speed of deployment, avoids up-front investment cost and removes the management burden of IT platform, security, licensing, development, operation and maintenance from government agencies.

  • Aligns with the Federal Government strategy to increase IT efficiencies, reliability and security of operations through cloud services
  • AWS FedRAMP-certified secure infrastructure Deploy automation capability in days rather than months
  • Avoids the steep learning curve and extended
    implementation time for on-premise IT platform, security and bot credentialing
  • Predictable monthly cost for infrastructure, automation development, operation and maintenance supports budgeting and avoids high initial IT investment cost
  • Unattended bot orchestration and scheduling to leverage off-hours processing

DRIMS™ (Digital Records and Information Management System) is a scalable, cloud-based system that ingests documents and digital objects and intelligently recognizes, categorizes, parses through, extracts, and creates metadata for each object. DRIMS middleware supports business applications and infrastructure systems by providing  secure, services-based, repository-neutral, NARA compliant records services. DRIMS ensures the preparation of all legacy documentation for records-compliant manageability, fast searchability, and retrievability within Brillient’s cloud-based repository.

ENCORE (ENhanced Cost Optimization and REcovery) significantly reduces spending on credit scoring and credit data services. Based on more than 25 years of Business Intelligence strategies and market intelligence in credit scoring services, ENCORE optimizes credit services spending, streamlines business processes, and delivers an average of 30% cost savings. The application provides:

  • Analyzing contract terms
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Fact-Finding and research
  • Recommending solutions
  • Implementing solutions
  • Monitoring and feedback

ENCORE is a proven solution with more than 100 commercial clients. It has saved GSA and SBA more than 50% on credit scoring and credit data services spending.

The results of Big Data analytics relies on the quality of the underlying data.

HARMONIC® (Holistic Auditing Run MONitoring and Integrity Control) tracks the progress of datasets as they are being combined into a data warehouse. By verifying and auditing the data as it’s moved through the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) lifecycle, HARMONIC® reduces errors, measures data cleanliness, improves data quality and ensures data integrity.

HARMONIC® manages and tracks daily, weekly and monthly data load operations. The program stores metrics in a centrally located database and alerts users when specific counts spike or dip beyond historical norms, triggering a review of the inbound files, ELT processing and/or upstream data integrity.

HARMONIC® ensures that numerous data issues are prevented. These include data duplication, missed data loads, partial data loads, loading of data with errors and missing data elements. HARMONIC® also enables increased automation of data processing operations while ensuring data integrity and data quality.

In order for data to be properly organized and analyzed, we must first access and understand the metadata – the data that describes the key characteristics of the given data set. However, creating metadata is a manual and time consuming process.

Brillient’s Metadata Automator® dramatically increases efficiency by automating 88 percent of the manual processes, nearly eliminating human error. By using Metadata Automator®, our clients can develop an accurate data set in a fraction of the time.

METRAK® (MEta TRAcKer) is a collaborative application that allows analysts to effectively manage metadata and embedded data fields across digitalization process.

NAIX® (Neural AI eXecutive) is an AI and rule-based decision and operating executive that determines the most impactful AI model in a given situation and mission priorities (e.g. speed, cost, accuracy, etc.), then executes it and evaluates results.

RECLIFE® (Federal RECords Policy LIFEcycle Manager) is a records manager that tracks and complies with record policies (e.g., length and timing of retainment and archival) at the department-, mission-area-, agency-, and program-levels. `

RECON™ (Federal REcords CONtent Manager) is a full-featured enterprise content management system that is NARA-compliant, repository-neutral, and self-enriching to provide constantly improving analytics.

It is a content management system that governs other systems such as SharePoint, Alfesco, Box, among others; allows for enterprise-wide search and analytics.

REGIS® (Federal REcords ReGIstry Services) is a centralized registry for managing all government records (e.g. emails, HR, financials, social media, etc.) regardless of which silo or system such records are stored.

REGIS® registers all records with a unique identifier that allows users to search and track throughout the lifecycle.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method of studying the relationships between people, organizations, computers, websites, or any other connected entities through the use of network and graph theories. SNA allows complicated networks and systems to be represented in easily digestible visual formats so that they can be better studied and understood. The tool gives clients an efficient and easy way of analyzing relationships in massive data sets.

Our Clients

In addition, Brillient has experience working with many commercial clients including Verizon, Bank of America, WebMD, Discovery Channel, XM Radio and Accretive Health.