Bots in Seats™

Brillient can automate almost all mundane, repetitive, and routine tasks currently performed by humans through the use of our “Bots in Seats™” service. The Bots in Seats service mimics human actions in performing a process. RPA is amenable to automate most all “hand work” that is repetitive, monotonous and rules based freeing up human workers to focus on more valuable tasks. 

In addition, RPA can also interact system to system to complete process automation to “hand work”. The Return on Investment (ROI) for using “Bots-in-Seats™” rather than the classic “Butts-in-Seats” is compelling. Typically, processes that use hundreds of thousands of hours per year, can usually be done in minutes with zero-to-minimal human interaction. What’s really extraordinary is that to realize these time savings, the cost to implement RPA is very low. This creates ROIs that are “no brainers”. 

RPA Partnerships

Brillient proudly partners with the top RPA vendors in the market. We have developed and deployed bots for both public and private clients using our team of certified RPA developers.

Our partners listed in alphabetical order are: