Bots in Seats

Bots in Seats®

Brillient can automate almost all mundane, repetitive, and routine tasks currently performed by humans using our Robotic Process Automation (RPA)-, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-, and Intelligent Automation (IA)- based software solutions and an implementation service, which we call  “Bots in Seats®”. Our Bots in Seats™ service replicates human actions in performing a process and, as a result, can automate most “hand work” that is repetitive, monotonous, and rules based. This, in turn, frees up people to focus on more complex, value-added tasks. 

Bots in Seats® is a service designed to provide the customer the best possible return on investment (ROI). The ROI for using Bots-in-Seats® rather than the classic “Butts-in-Seats” is compelling. Typically, processes that require hundreds of thousands of labor-hours per year can be completed using Bots-in-Seats®  in minutes, with zero-to-minimal human interaction. What is extraordinary is realizing these significant time savings requires a very low-cost investment in RPA. This creates ROIs that are “no brainers”.  

How We Integrate Bots in Seats™

Brillient’s Bots in Seats® service comprises seven elements, which taken together, address all requirements related to program build and successful identification, delivery and sustainment of RPA, AI, and  IA bots.  All components are needed to maximize the customer’s ROI, which is measured in keeping with an organization’s objectives, such as cost reduction, increased accuracy, reduced process cycle time, increased customer satisfaction, and improved internal controls. 


The seven elements are: 

  1. Program Approach and Business Case 
  2. Leadership and Organizational Change 
  3. Governance and Program Management  
  4. Resource Management and Training  
  5. Candidate Process Assessment, Improvement and Documentation 
  6. IT Platform, Security, Privacy and Automation Delivery 
  7. Operations Management, Performance Metrics and Dashboarding  

Each of these elements comprises key sub-elementsFor example, change control and maintenance are major components of Operations, Performance Metrics and Dashboarding.  It is important that all seven elements be fully developed; failure in any of them will hamper program success and may negatively impact the organization. The time expended to implement these elements will maximize the benefits, security, and organizational acceptance of RPA in the most cost-effective manner.     

Of note, an organization need not be mature in all areas before implementing Bots in Seats automation. Program development can be accelerated by gaining delivery experience on a small scale and increasing scale as the organization institutionalizes its program In this regard, Brillient offers component services as a menu from which the customer may select items that best meet their specific needs and budget.   

Brillient Case Studies

Using our Bots in Seats® service, we automated six financial operations for the Department of Energy (DOE), saving over 28,000 labor hours per year and achieving a oneyear ROI of 7X.  For the US Air Force (USAF) Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), we are delivering bots to increase accuracy and reduce labor and time in human resource support processes.  AFPC staff have been able to sustain some of their key HR operations by running bots from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

One of the high-value Bots in Seats® automations we delivered to the US Air Force (USAF), was to accurately account for airman dwell time at assigned locations to determine airman availability for travel and deployment. There was a backlog of millions of records that required an individual to manually validate the details of the record and update it to the proper code. Identifying and correcting this error consumed thousands of labor hours per year. Brillient provided guidance and a template for AFPC to develop a Process Design Document (PDD), which documented at the keystroke level the steps the bot would perform. Brillient developed the automation in only two weeks and successfully developed, tested, and deployed the bot to reduce the manual ‘X’ updates by 40%  

DOE logo

Through Bots in Seats®, Brillient saved the Department of Energy over 28,000 labor hours per year and a one year ROI of 7X .

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Brillient successfully developed, tested, and deployed the bot to reduce the manual ‘X’ updates by 40%.

RPA Partnerships

Brillient develops and deploys Bots in Seats® for both public and private clients using our team of certified RPA developers and by partnering with the top RPA software vendors in the market.

Our partners listed alphabetically are: