alice®-Our Suite of Intelligent solutions

Brillient’s transformational (AI driven) intelligent solutions help our clients overcome challenges, solve problems, achieve mission goals and deliver value added outcomes.


Brillient’s AI enabled “Intelligent Solutions” reduce manual effort through automation, make the conduct of business easier, and make customer/citizen experiences friction free in interacting with our agency clients.

ArtificiaL Intelligence Cognitive Engines (ALICE®) is Brillient’s suite of intelligent solutions that include intelligent automation, smart analytics, cognitive vision and human interaction.

Brillient can automate almost all mundane, repetitive, and routine tasks currently performed by humans through the use of our “Bots in Seats™” service.

Brillient has developed a 6 step DELIVER™ model for implementing Digital Transformation solutions. With a still nascent set of technologies like AI, DELIVER™ is designed to reduce execution risk and offers a step by step process to deliver successful results.

“Your personnel staff provided excellent/Brillient client service support at all levels. They were always considered reliable and wanting to provide topnotch reports, inventories, assistance visits, and analysis. All members of your crew always made a point to fully and clearly understand what was being requested. I appreciate the services you provided and wish you and the entire Brillient staff the very best.”
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