ALICE® Intelligent Solutions

ArtificiaL Intelligence Cognitive Ecosystem (ALICE®) is Brillient’s suite of intelligent solutions.

Our ALICE® suite of “Intelligent Solutions” reduces manual effort through automation, make the conduct of business easier, and make customer/citizen experiences friction free in interacting with our agency clients. Of the 3 types of AI –  narrow AI (focused on specific problems), general AI (algorithms that solve many problems) and superior AI (smarter than a human), Brillient is focused on narrow AI; the narrow application of AI techniques to solve specific problems. 

Brillient solution engineers work with the 4 key ingredients for intelligent solutions- data (reinforcement learning, big data assets, sensor/video tracking), domain knowledge (subject matter expertise, business expertise, and heuristics) algorithms (general purpose machine learning, deep neural nets) to craft high value solutions and science (like physics or chemistry, depending on the problem we are solving)

Brillient solutions engineers use our proprietary DELIVER™ methodology to deliver the full lifecycle of intelligent solutions. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients in an agile manner so that all stakeholders are aligned to ensure successful results. 

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We are focused on helping clients evolve along the trajectory of intelligent solutions to deliver efficiencies, lower costs, improve levels of service and achieve mission success. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation or RPA uses bots in seats®  to mimic human actions in performing a process. RPA is amenable to automate “hand work” that is repetitive, monotonous and rules based freeing up human workers to focus on more valuable tasks. According to multiple reports from OMB as well as private sector firms, numerous repetitive business tasks can be automated. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released a memo M-18-23 dated August 27, 2018 “Shifting from Low-Value-work to High-Value work” which emphasizes the need for introducing new technologies such as Robotic Process Automation to reduce repetitive administrative tasks. Brillient solution engineers assist clients with identifying opportunities for automation, assessing and implementing solutions using Brillient’s DELIVER™ model.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation focuses on automating not just hand work but also “head work” which involves reasoning and decision making. Using techniques such as machine learning and neural networks the bot can now automate much more of a process including reasoning, context and decisions, deferring to a human worker when there are exceptions or complexity. Intelligent automation becomes even more important when there is data overload or sensory overload – such as the proliferation of data from sensors, IOT devices, social media etc. which pose a challenge overwhelming the abilities of human workers to handle this flood of data.

Our CEO is the industry chair of the ACT-IAC Intelligent Automation working group of the Emerging Technologies community of interest. The group is focused on harvesting knowledge and experience to help agencies learn about intelligent automation, identify opportunities, assess their suitability and then implement automation solutions.

Cognitive Intelligence

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(This picture above shows the ingredients on the left that help us deliver the intelligent solutions on the right)

The next step up in the intelligent journey is the ability to deploy solutions involving intelligent data analytics, cognitive vision, natural language processing, deductive reasoning, and human interaction. Brillient solutions engineers are developing intelligent solutions for people/object identification, classification and automated decision aids to process large volumes of data which would be hard for humans to comprehend, as well as speed up cycle times while assisting human operators reach decisions faster. There are numerous applications – which are only limited by the human imagination – that serve missions spanning national security, citizen service, compliance, waste/fraud/abuse, enforcement and healthcare.

Brillient is focused on delivering intelligent solutions harnessing the vast amount of structured and unstructured data, using natural language understanding and processing (NLU/NLP) to extract entities and relationships on which we apply a combination of machine learning or deep learning (neural nets) based algorithms. Apart from intelligent automation we are focused on three areas:

  1. Intelligent data analytics – making sense of large data volumes
  2. Cognitive vision – analyzing video and still imagery
  3. Human interaction – enabling voice, text and multi-channel interaction

Intelligent Data Analytics

Brillient is parlaying our expertise in big data analytics into predictive intelligent analytics. With conventional data analytics, a data analyst analyzing a huge mass of data starts with a hypothesis of a problem statement and then performs the data analysis to prove that hypothesis which may be fruitful or perhaps not. With Intelligent analytics, there is no hypothesis. The algorithm runs on the data and reveals patterns and trends some of which may be counter-intuitive.

Cognitive Vision

Brillient solutions engineers are working on cognitive vision problems using AI techniques to process video streams, as well as still images to evaluate the scene and provide decision aids on actions that should be taken. These algorithms help with identification, classification, image recognition and pattern matching which can be incorporated into mission systems for decision support. There are numerous applications ranging from physical location security, immigration, transportation analysis (traffic, tolls), and law enforcement just to name a few.

Human Interaction

A vast majority of agencies interact with citizens, customers, employees and businesses in fulfilling their mission. Brillient is engaged in assisting agencies with multi-channel human interaction including contact centers, web sites, social media, mobile phones, text messages, audio/video etc.  Brillient solution engineers are developing AI enabled solutions such as virtual assistants, chat bots and call center robots that use natural language processing/understanding, knowledge management systems, learning algorithms, context and sentiment to automate simpler FAQ type functions. This reduces operational costs while freeing up human resources to focus on more complicated cases.

With academia and partners, Brillient is also seeking to integrate state-of-the-art user devices, such as biometric authentication on phones and speech based assistants to authenticate humans and help them have a friction free experience interacting with our agency clients.

“Your personnel staff provided excellent/Brillient client service support at all levels. They were always considered reliable and wanting to provide topnotch reports, inventories, assistance visits, and analysis. All members of your crew always made a point to fully and clearly understand what was being requested. I appreciate the services you provided and wish you and the entire Brillient staff the very best.”
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