The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) needed strategic acquisition consulting support for the Office of Human Capital’s (OHC) Personnel Futures program. This program assists with building, developing and sustaining a high-performing workforce for TSA. Brillient provided comprehensive planning, and cost and financial management support to help TSA assess multiple acquisition options for the continued progress of the program.


Brillient partnered with TSA to provide strategic consulting support to help advance the OHC’s Personnel Futures Program. This helped the agency drive cost savings and improve efficiency in the modeling, estimation and acquisition of services needed to grow the program.

The Brillient team provided:

  • Program Life Cycle Cost Estimation (PLCCE)
  • Cost Estimating Baseline Document (CEBD)
  • Cost support acquisition
  • Expenditure review
  • Report review, analysis and recommendations
  • Value management and estimation
  • Strategy development


Brillient assisted the TSA OHC team in modeling and evaluating multiple acquisitions options for the continued support of the Personnel Futures program. This support provided TSA with the ability to:

  1. Evaluate “what if” scenarios for different acquisition paths
  2. Estimate the financial impact of different acquisition choices
  3. Build out program requirements
  4. Build and sustain buy-in from executive stakeholders
  5. Roll out an optimal acquisitions effort