Client Challenge

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) mission is to protect the nation’s air, rail, transit, and highway transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

To support this mission, TSA requires delivery of innovative, mission-driven capabilities to the frontline workforce using established processes, policies, and directives, while maintaining open and transparent collaboration with the frontline workforce and industry experts.

Brillient Solution

Brillient provides integrated program management and specialized technical oversight support services to assist the mission critical program offices across the TSA to successfully achieve their respective program mission goals, including cost, schedule, and performance objectives.  Brillient implements their innovative solutions while navigating, implementing, and complying with the policies, processes, procedures, and requirements set forth in the Department of Homeland Security acquisition directives.

Solutions include the development of new innovative and efficient data management and analytic systems, mission targeted reports and dashboards, collaborative project sites, and the transition to scaled Agile management best practices.

Client Benefit

Brillient helps  TSA through the creation of mission-critical systems, insurance of data quality, enabling front-line workers and decision-makers to have timely access to pertinent information, and insuring compliance with DHS acquisition directives.