Driven By Purpose

I recently watched the movie “The Post”. This is based on real happenings at the Washington Post, one of our nation’s premier newspapers. The script focuses on investigative reporters uncovering how our Government hid the truth about the Vietnam war from citizens, known as the “Pentagon Papers”. The movie ends with what later became the “Watergate scandal”, also uncovered by the same newspaper. What struck me about the movie is a group of very dedicated journalists (including the owner and publisher Katharine Graham) working hard to uncover the truth. They are driven by the mission of a free press – to uncover and report on the truth – being a check on our Government, a foundation of our democracy. They work long hours under immense pressure from the Nixon administration to suppress the story. These men and women were driven by a sense of purpose in the mission of a free press, not how many hours they worked or how much they got paid.

Similarly, Brillient is driven by a sense of purpose. Our mission is to protect, serve and care for the American people.

  • Brillient’s work in our national security sector, at agencies like DHS enables the mission to protect the American people.
  • Our civilian sector projects serve the country ranging from revenue collection to helping finance small businesses and securing the federal workforce.
  • Our healthcare sector work is focused on care for the American people ensuring safe medicines, treatments and better healthcare.

Let me end by sharing a statement from Ben Bradlee the legendary editor of the Washington Post that is well suited to our hard working and dedicated Brillient workforce.

Enjoy Spring and all the bounties it brings.

Thank you- Sukumar Iyer, CEO & President