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Client Challenge

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic in Spring 2020, the US Government mobilized to address the national emergency. As part of this effort, the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Disaster Assistance (ODA) required an industry partner to quickly and efficiently position a 500-person team to process small business loans under the CARES Act. These funds allow American businesses to remain solvent, to include sustaining their workers, during a time of business contraction brought on by health-related social distancing and commercial lockdowns.

Brillient Solution

SBA selected Brillient Corporation to support this effort in March 2020. We immediately organized to meet the challenge, assigning managers and recruiters to identify, interview, and hire qualified candidates. We hired and positioned a 500-person, nation-wide workforce comprising managers, and loan processing experts within two weeks to perform loan processing functions – an astounding accomplishment given the geographic expansiveness of the program!

Working closely with SBA leaders, Brillient’s managers coordinated operational procedures, personnel assignments, and employee training. Since beginning operations in Spring 2020, we have provided six-day per week support across four US time zones and have processed more than one million applications. Throughout this effort, SBA has continually lauded Brillient’s planning activities, employee professionalism, operational efficiency, and quality and volume of deliverables.

Client Benefit

Brillient has played a major role in supporting SBA to accomplish its crucial mission to aid Americans during this national crisis. Our capability to quickly mobilize a large, professional, and high performing surge loan processing team to augment the government workforce demonstrates the efficacy of relying on an industry partner to address critical tasks related to handling a large volume of loan applications and offers SBA key lessons for conducting similar activities in the future.