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Client Challenge

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Capital Access runs loan programs that support the growth of America’s small businesses. Brillient was selected to provide key support services for these programs including on-site staff and expertise at the SBA headquarters, loan processing centers, and other offices.

Brillient Solution

Brillient partners with the SBA providing skilled people, expertise and tools to support the SBA mission in the following areas:

  • Financial, regulatory and audit support
  • Credit risk management
  • Loan servicing for small business as well as disaster loans
  • Customer service
  • Records management and digitization
  • IT support and applications development
  • Program and project management

Brillient staff supports the SBA in multiple locations across all 4 CONUS time zones.

Client Benefit

Brillient has delivered impressive results and positive outcomes for both the agency and citizens they serve, including:

  • Significant reduction in the expired flood portfolio by almost 65 percent
  • Expedited processing for purchase requests, payments and collections
  • Assisting the National Guaranty Purchase Center (NGPC) to exceed its portfolio achievement goals
  • Development of a disaster loan tracking system improving overall efficiency
  • Significant operational cost savings