Transforming the Way Our Clients Do Business

Brillient works with organizations that are addressing some of our nation’s most complex problems and processes, from protecting our security to bolstering our economy to managing our tax revenue. These agencies’ operations are complicated and multifaceted, and they must be able to adapt to the changing ways we do business.

Brillient develops mobile and web applications that integrate and account for all aspects of our clients’ business operations—creating streamlined, scalable applications that make doing business easier.

Our engineers use rapid iterative development methodologies, such as Agile and Scrum, to reduce the cost of change inherent in software delivery. Our Agile development approach emphasizes emergent design and architecture, sustained business collaboration, motivated personnel and teams, and continuous delivery of working software, which in turn enables us to accommodate changes and reduce delivery risks over time. This provides our clients with a return on investment (ROI) early in the development process.

Enterprise Web Applications

Brillient develops web applications that help our clients integrate and analyze complex data, communicate internally, manage content, and distribute information to stakeholders or clients. We have in-depth experience with a variety of technologies (J2EE / .NET / Open Source, Sharepoint, HTML, CSS, Flash, XML, XSLT, Apache/Tomcat, Linux, JavaScript, AJAX) and are experts in 508 compliance.

Brillient works directly with our clients to understand their unique business problems and develop custom web applications that are completely tailored for their needs. We have helped our clients develop and enhance dynamic websites, secure intranets, data collection and reporting tools, eCommerce platforms, eBilling portals, desktop applications, and CRMs.

Mobile Applications

The evolution of mobile devices has transformed the way we do business today. Work is no longer a place you go every morning, it’s something you do wherever you are. Brillient helps organizations leverage the speed and efficiency of mobile applications without compromising security or performance. Our applications reduce manual processes, improve internal communication and enhance productivity. We have experience creating applications for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

In addition to our custom applications, we’ve also developed ready-made applications, including:

An enterprise asset management tool that works on standard mobile phones and devices, conforming to Government and industrial security standards. It replaces a whole set of costly and dedicated hardware scanners, laptops and other hardware, offering a multi-fold return on investment (ROI).