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Our team of solutions engineers turn information into actionable insight using database / data aggregation tools, data analytics, search, Business Intelligence (BI) tools and innovative dashboards.

Transforming information into actionable insight

As a team of solutions engineers, we turn information into actionable insight. Large sets of paper or digital data can be overwhelming and almost useless in its raw form. At Brillient, we design programs that solve real world problems.

We build intelligent data analytics tools, Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities and dashboards that “slice and dice” information to give you knowledge you can use to make strategic decisions. Our intelligent data, records management, and web and mobile solutions help our clients manage the entire information management process. 

By turning data into insight, and insight into knowledge, Brillient helps our clients achieve mission success.


Brillient helps federal agencies transform information into actionable insight. We are solutions engineers who specialize in harvesting data and information from disparate sources. We enable data discovery, analysis, data mining and predictive analytics in a nimble and expedient manner.

ArtificiaL Intelligence Cognitive Ecosystem (ALICE®) is Brillient’s suite of intelligent solutions that include intelligent automation, smart analytics, cognitive vision and human interaction.

In an age where the definition of “information” continues to shift, Brillient provides clients with valuable tools to stay ahead of the curve by transforming data information into organized, actionable insight.

Brillient helps clients determine if moving to the cloud makes sense. We work with organizations to develop a plan for design, migration and implementation.

Brillient’s customized mobile and enterprise web applications make it easier, more cost effective and more efficient to conduct business anytime, anywhere.

“Delivery of services within or ahead of scheduled time frames, often under time constraints. Ability to adapt to rapidly changing business needs in a diverse and dynamic workload environment.”
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